Thai Yoga Massage 1

  • Type:
  • Class/Lecture
  • Time:
  • 20 hours
Thai yoga massage is an ancient practice that brings the best of yoga and the best of massage together. Done on the floor fully clothed, it it is known as the physical manifestation of metta, loving kindness. Through a series of postures and and palming/thumbing on sen lines (energetic lines) and pressure points pain relief and a feeling of openness is brought to the client. Improve circulation, boost the immune system and achieve balance in the body. Course will be held over 4 days: October 19 & 20 and October 26& 27 for 5 hours each date.
Reena Davis Wellness
Reena Davis
6218 Quinpool Road, Nalanda Bodhi (abve Trinity Jewelers),
Halifax, NS
B3L 1A3
  • Units:
  • 10
  • Approved by:
  • NS
  • Prerequisites:
  • None
  • Category:
  • Secondary
  • Course Target:
  • All Audiences
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