Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment

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NISA (Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment) Course now available in Halifax! NISA is a deep tissue technique that works directly on the fascia of the body. It provides long lasting changes to chronic postural habits, and most clients feel increased range of motion and less restriction after one or two treatments. NISA is a softer, more gentle derivative of Rolfing, and can be performed in individual treatments or in a specific series of twelve weekly sessions with a direct focus of improving the person's posture. The NISA process releases fascial adhesions; it stretches, frees, & clears the tissue. The softened layers of fascia, having regained their flexibility and elasticity, permit improved structural alignment and body mechanics. The NISA Basic Course (28 hours) The four day basic training is an intensive, practical, hands-on workshop, and the techniques can easily be incorporated into your massage practice. Feedback from previous participants: "Excellent course, great job of teaching." "I liked how everything flowed, the time went by so fast, nothing dragged out." "The teacher was awesome, very easy going, you made the workshop go very fast and joyful." "Great new treatment to apply, a different approach" "I was very comfortable with you and your presence when you came to make suggestions. Thank you for everything you have taught me." Instructor: Linda Simpson, B.Sc., RMT 19 Thorne St., Cambridge, ON, N1R 1S3, 519-594-1717 I am a certified teacher of NISA, personally trained by its developer, Jean Loving, B.A., LMT (ret.) Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) from the University of Guelph in Human Biology with a minor in Psychology, 1992 Diploma in Massage Therapy from Kikkawa College, School of Massage, 1999 I have been working full-time in a clinic setting since 1999 with a focus on treating long-term postural and pain conditions I have been teaching the NISA technique to both graduates and undergrads of the massage therapy program since 2003 I am a Peer Assessor as well as a Subject Matter Expert for the CMTO In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors; hiking, biking, gardening, canoeingAlready Using NISA? I am frequently asked for referrals for RMTs who practice the NISA technique, but I'm not sure where you all are. Therefore, a new database is being developed, listing basic practitioners as well as certified practitioners. If you know of anyone who should be included on this database, please pass this information on to them and have them contact me.
Linda Simpson, B.Sc., RMT
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