Ultimate Guide to Deep Tissue Therapy

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SCHWEITZERS DEEP TISSUE THERAPY 4-PART DVD SERIES Course Description: Learn the Five Things You MUST Know to Eliminate Existing Occupational Strain. According to Dr. Wayne Albert of the University of New Brunswick, 82% of Massage Therapists will hurt in five keys areas of their body during the course of their career. In this 4-Part DVD series you will learn a proven step by step program that will show you a rigorous bio-mechanical system coupled with unique, innovative and dynamic techniques that will ELIMINATE all of your current occupational strain issues. CEUs 18 (MTANS) COST $297.00 DATES Home Study *For more information on this course and other distance education courses or live workshops, please call us at 1 888 738 8147 or enter your name and email address on our website http://sesonlinece.com/mtans-catalogue/ To contact us via email gschweitzer@shaw.ca
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Home Study
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