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  • 32 hours
2 WEEKEND Course: Apr 10,11,24,25 Cost:$550(Tx INC) Call 835-1912 or 252-3290 Explore the underlying, timeless principles of Reflexology based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that make the healing art of Foot Reflexology so powerful. Learn to work with Qi (energy), the meridians, tissues and organs to release blockages Learn the tools and develop the capacity to heal through Reflexology Explore our health concerns and those of friends, family and clients who can benefit from this work. Touch and be touched with gentle comforting hands that express more directly than any words, the love we are. Reflexology- healing, soothing touch for the feet with its powerful effects on all systems of the body is one of the most popular and widespread therapies in the world. It can be readily adapted to any setting- home, hospital, clinic or spa. It is an excellent complement to conventional medicine as witnessed by its use in the Victoria General Hospital for cancer care. Spas and salons find it especially attractive because it compliments pedicures and beauty treatments and it is so relaxing. The Basic Reflexology Course (accredited by CANS & MTANS) provides practitioners with the confidence and competence to start their professional practice in reflexology. The Interactive Reflexology Course, ( Fall, 2010) provides the advanced techniques and skills to further enhance and grow their practice.
Dr. Diana Li and Dr. Franklyn Chen
Lower Sackville, NS
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