Skill enhancement for Integrated Treatments Approach

  • Type:
  • Seminar/Workshop
  • Time:
  • 12 hours
This course is designed as a follow-up to Shoulder Dysfunction: An Integrated Approach, Lower Leg Dysfunction: A Global Approach and Integrative Approach to Lumbosacral Dysfunction. It will delve deeper into the blending of Eastern and Western treatment approaches striving for integration and skill mastery. Participants must have taken at least one of the prerequisites. We will add more techniques and deepen skill levels. We will enhance skills in palpation, communication and treatment sensitivity and intuition. Treatments will be directed to the cranial and cervical regions initially. Client case studies may direct the inclusion of other areas or pathologies. Participants will practise client self care activities to support and complement the integrated treatments. Focus will be on enhancing skill levels as well as deepening awareness of mental emotional spiritual and physical healing. This course is 12hrs, 6 primary ceus.
Soul's Dream of Healing
Monica Perry
1 Seaview Drive,
Portuguese Cove, NS
B3V 1K3
  • Units:
  • 6
  • Approved by:
  • NS
  • Prerequisites:
  • One of three possible courses. Lower leg dysfunction: a Global Approach, Integrated Approach to Lumbsacral Dysfunction or Shoulder Dysfunction: An Integrated Approach
  • Category:
  • Primary
  • Course Target:
  • Experienced
  • Course Class:
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