• Type:
  • Class/Lecture
  • Time:
  • 30 hours
Learn the ancient healing art and science of Reflexology from RMT instructor and Reflexologist Robynne Kingswood RMT, RRPr. The program is very hands on, and incorporates extensive case study work into this certificate program. Learn a new skill and increase your marketability in the therapeutic work force. Save your wrists and extend your career! Easy to apply, even with complicated pathologies.Enjoy the benefits of this therapy, while learning the skills to help others release tension, improve circulation, relax and so much more.
Healing Arts Learning Organization (HALO)
Robynne Kingswood
298 Park St
Kitchener, ON
N2G 1N1
  • Units:
  • 15.0
  • Approved by:
  • ON, SK, MB, PEI, AB
  • Prerequisites:
  • Not Available
  • Category:
  • Primary
  • Course Target:
  • all
  • Course Class:
  • primary
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