RAPID Adehesion Release Technique Upper Body

  • Type:
  • Primary
  • Time:
  • 15.00 hours
RAPID is a hands on method of myofascial “release” that stimulates the deep fascia of the periosteum of the bone. Why the periosteum? The periosteal fascia is the richest source of sensory free nerve endings in the body-richer than the eyes, ears, nose and skin-combined. Accessing the neurobiological system through the periosteum accesses 1000 times more receptors than just massaging muscle alone. By accessing the neurobiological system this way we are able to effect both the central nervous system and autonomic nervous system to reduce tissue tone and increase tissue viscosity, this in turn melts adhesion and tissue tension. All of our course participants are amazed at how they not only feel tension and restrictions leaving their partners but also leaving themselves as they progress through the weekend seminar.
Sherri Routledge
Box 864,
Three Hills, Alberta
T0M 2A0
  • Units:
  • 7.5
  • Approved by:
  • Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta
  • Prerequisites:
  • Registered Massage Therapist
  • Category:
  • Primary
  • Course Target:
  • All
  • Course Class:
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