Prenatal Massage Fundamentals (Step One)

  • Type:
  • Home Study
  • Time:
  • 12 hours
The Fundamentals of Pregnancy Massage is the first course in the prenatal massage certification and doula certification series, and is a pre-requisite to taking the prenatal or doula certification courses. It lays the groundwork by teaching you the cognitive, conceptual aspects of prenatal massage so that you can: Explain how prenatal massage benefits the mother physically and emotionally List and describe pregnancy related complications and their symptoms that would contraindicate massage therapy Describe the physiological changes that take place in each system of a woman’s body during pregnancy, and how each of those changes dictate modifications in a standard massage routine Successfully market and sell your prenatal and delivery services Prepare suitable forms to use for release of liability and record-keeping This course does NOT teach prenatal massage techniques. You will learn that in Step Two. Upon completion of this course, you have the option of taking the next course in the pregnancy massage series, to earn the title of Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist. From there, you also have the option of taking the third course in the series, to earn the title of Certified Massage Doula.
Institute of Somatic Therapy
Judith Koch Stapleton
PO Box 190,
Conway, MO
  • Units:
  • 4 units if cycle is ending in 2018 or 6 units if starting in 2018
  • Approved by:
  • Manitoba, Nova Scotia
  • Prerequisites:
  • none
  • Category:
  • Secondary
  • Course Target:
  • All Audiences
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