Pregnancy Positioning, Pillowing & Draping

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This course explores in detail the pros and cons of various client positioning and draping options relative to trimester, client comfort, special considerations and safety. This course is designed to help the Massage Therapist or other Health Care Professional to: identify trimester according to gestational age understand the advantages of and safety related considerations for each positioning choice identify client centered factors that guide positioning choices (including stage of pregnancy, client comfort, health status and musculoskeletal considerations) position, pillow/support and drape a client optimally for her stage of pregnancy, comfort level and objective signs (including issues related to supine hypotension) appropriately re-position a client to alleviate position-induced discomfort negotiate and implement secure and boundary conscious draping indentify and effectively address temperature regulation considerations
Rebecca Whelan
136-2446 Bank Street, Suite 611
Ottawa, ON
K1V 1A8
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