Orthopaedic Review Seminar Series for RMTs – The Lower Crossed Postural Syndrome

  • Type:
  • Seminar/Workshop
  • Time:
  • 8 hours
Orthopaedic Review Seminar Series for RMTs - The Lower Crossed Postural Syndrome Insructors: Dr. Michael Majaess, BSc, DC Daphne Calhoun-Majaess, BPE, RMT Three dates available: Sunday, January 30, 2011; 8:30am ¬ 5:30pm Sunday, May 29, 2011; 8:30am ¬ 5:30pm Sunday, September 25, 2011; 8:30am ¬ 5:30pm Location: Lower Sackville Wellness Centre, 546 Sackville Drive, Unit 400, Lwr. Sackville CEUs: PENDING Cost: RMT professionals: $175 RMT students: $150 Course Description Muscles facilitate joint movement in the body and help to maintain posture. Endemic to our society, there is a tendency for some muscles to become overactive while others become inhibited. Prior to engaging a plan of management, treatment goals need be established. In order to establish treatment goals, one needs to be able to interpret the clinical presentation at hand. This one day practical “hands-on" orthopaedic seminar is intended to provide the Registered Massage Therapist with an in-depth, systematic approach to evaluation of the lower crossed postural syndrome (LCPS). Functional impairment of the locomotor system, altered muscle tone, and the development and consequences of muscle imbalances as it relates to the LCPS will be explored. Postural analysis, manual muscle testing (length/strength tests), and movement pattern assessment will be part of the practical component. A seminar manual and refreshments will be provided. Participants are asked to bring with them shorts, t-shirt/tank top, and massage table. Students welcome. For a registration form and details regarding payment, please contact: Contact and Registration: RMTorthoreview@gmail.com Limited to 10 participants.
Michael Majaess
27 Sunnybrae Avenue
Halifax, NS
B3N 2G3
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  • 4.0
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  • Prerequisites:
  • RMT professional or RMT student
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  • Primary
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  • all
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  • primary
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