Online Instructor Development Program – Course 11 – Teaching Practicum

  • Type:
  • Class/Lecture
  • Time:
  • 32 hours
A practicum is an integral part of any teacher training program. It allows students to have practical experience integrating what they have learned theoretically in their studies into actual practice. This practicum is 32 hours in length, and includes 9 hours of in-class teaching. You will begin a teaching plan, work with an existing instructor on-campus, and will create and deliver a set of four lessons which will integrate and apply the knowledge and theory you have learned throughout the program. Two of the lessons will be 1.5 hours, and two of the lessons will be 3 hours in length. In creating and delivering the lessons, you will integrate adult learning theory, assessment, learning styles, positive learning environment, media and/or technology motivational techniques and classroom management skills.After each lesson, you will reflect on how the lesson went, in some cases write a reflective essay, and discuss your insights with the overseeing Sponsor Practicum Instructor. All four lessons will be observed by the Sponsor Practicum Instructor. The last lesson (4th lesson) will be recorded for 1 hour and sent by post to the Curriculum Coordinator to be formally observed and evaluated. Upon the completion of the practicum, you will self-reflect and create a plan for strengthening or improving teaching. The Sponsor Practicum Instructor will evaluate and grade the in-class teaching of the student and provide feedback. The Curriculum Coordinator will grade and evaluate the student's assignments during the work experience placement. It is mandatory to pass this Practicum in order to receive the WCCMT Instructor Development Diploma.
West Coast College of Massage Therapy / Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy
Rozsika den Haan
  • Units:
  • 10.5
  • Approved by:
  • It is an accredited
  • Prerequisites:
  • The minimum requirements for entry into the program include ONE of the following: Must have successfully completed a Massage Therapy program and/or Spa and Aesthetics program; OR Must be a registered practitioner in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM); OR Member of a Professional Association which assumes many of the duties of a regulatory body (in the absence of regulated professions in Canadian Provinces); OR Other individuals with advanced degrees AND at least 2500 hours of experience working with clients in a clinical setting (this occupational experience can be combined from more than one healthcare field)
  • Category:
  • Secondary
  • Course Target:
  • experienced
  • Course Class:
  • secondary
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