Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Level 1

  • Type:
  • Seminar/workshop
  • Time:
  • 24 hours
LDT1 takes traditional lymph drainage techniques and adds a level of precision. LDT is the first technique that enables practitioners to detect and palpate the specific rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow anywhere in the body. Skilled practitioners with developed listening skills can practice Manual Lymphatic Mapping (MLM) of the lymphatic vessels. LDT practitioners use their hands to assess and enhance overall circulation as well as determine the best alternate pathways for draining stagnant body fluid (lymph, interstitial, synovial fluid, etc…). Therapists work with flat hands, using all the fingers to simulate gentle, specific wave-like movements.
Robin Devine
Ottawa , Ontario
K1K 4S3
(403) 472-3100
  • Units:
  • 12
  • Approved by:
  • Alberta, Nova Scotia
  • Prerequisites:
  • Massage Therapy Certificate or Diploma
  • Category:
  • Primary
  • Course Target:
  • All
  • Course Class:
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