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This course runs 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. There are two fifteen minute breaks and one half hour lunch break. Location is ICT Northumberland College, 1888 Brunswick St., Halifax, NS Registration is $250 +tax cash or cheque payable to Course Instructor, Monica Perry. Contact Monica Perry at 902-210-5594 or monicapcperry@gmail.co for information or registration COURSE OUTLINE Day one Anatomy: Bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, fascia and neurovascular structures of the lower leg, knee,ankle and foot. Biomechanics: Understanding the interactions of the various regions and how they affect lower leg dysfunction. Assessment: General and specific assessments protocols to assess lower leg dysfunction and the possible biomechanical interactions. Emphasis will be placed on gait and posture. Integrative Theories: Introducing and discussing theories from Western psychology and Eastern meridian and chakra systems: how psycho-social, emotional and spiritual concerns may manifest in the lower body affecting lower leg dysfunction. Day two Boundaries and Scope of Practice: How can we use these theories to inform and improve our client care. Treatment Approaches: A variety of specific treatment techniques will be demonstrated. Integrated Exchange: Participants will interview, assess and treat using an integrative approach. Self Care: Guiding clients through self care activities for all perspectives of lower leg dysfunction. COURSE DESCRIPTION This is a course focusing on the lower leg. We will explore anatomy, biomechanics, assessment and treatment approaches for clients with lower leg (knee,leg,ankle,foot) dysfunction. We will also explore Eastern medicine, Western psychology and Somato-emotional theories as they relate to clients’ lower leg dysfunction. We will discuss the possible psycho-social, emotional and spiritual interactions being experienced by our clients. We will also discuss boundaries and scope of practice concerns in the context of these theories.
ICT Northumberland College
Monica Perry
1888 Brunswick St.
, NS
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