Level 1: Massage Psycho-Body Integration Training

  • Type:
  • Seminar/Workshop
  • Time:
  • 21 hours
Under Pressure Level 1: Massage Psycho-Body Integration Training Bayswater, Nova Scotia The human being is a masterful and purposeful organism who has the potential to heal under pressure. Soft tissue is literally "under our pressure" with a mission to carry messages and re-wire or re-pattern the connections of mind, body, spirit towards better health. It is our duty to utilize our pressure in somatic work to benefit our clients. Exploration of the internal world - the mind of the client - is sometimes ignored in the concentration on the palpation work. In this experiential and self-actualizing course, participants will: - physically and mindfully work with each other to learn about modifying and adapting soft tissue in union with the clients mental beliefs. - explore the challenges both soft tissue and the mind encounter during pressurized touch - learn to invite peaceful responses in mind re-wiring and body tissue re-patterning - use masterful communication in communion with pressurized touch to support your client's holistic integration. Detailed outline available at www.enrighthealth.ca Awarded: 7 Secondary CEUs Class is limited to 10 participants Cost: $410.00 plus hst Course Hours: April 15 (evening) to April 17, 2011 (21 hours total) Location: 30 Backman Road, Bayswater, Nova Scotia Contact: Gillian Enright, RMT, M.T.C. at Inspired Health: 902-237-1673; email: enrightg@hotmail.com This location offers a quiet, private get away from the city for learning in a small connected group. It resides by the ocean where you will have time to walk the beach rest in the hot tub and sauna. Enjoy the gentle space.
Inspired Health
Gillian Enright, RMT, M.T.C.
30 Backman Road
Bayswater, NS
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  • 7.0
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  • Secondary
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  • secondary
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