L.A.S.T Techniques for the Hip & Pelvis Online Exam

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Description: In this 9+hour Online-course, I instruct and demonstrate Ligamentous Articular Strain Techniques for the Hip & Pelvis. This online course is designed for the therapist that requires a self paced learning structure. How each course is set up The Introductory Section discusses History, & Scientific Theory, Treatment Principles of L.A.S.T., Introduction into Shoulder Techniques, Ligamentous Articular Pain Referral Patterns of the Shoulder and Relevant Anatomy, CIs, Indications, Precautions, Pathologies, Kinesiology of the Shoulder. There are 4 Main Treatment Sections. There are a total of 21treatments demonstrated in this course. Each technique is demonstrated in it’s own video. Each video contains 2 camera angles, a Main and Insert (picture in picture) perspective. The main view provides a distant perspective to visually educate the therapist about proper posture and biomechanics while performing the techniques. The insert provides the therapist with a close up perspective showing hand placement and specific techniques. Detailed instructions focus on describing what we are about to treat, why, and then we review. Section 6 contains 7 videos showing a full Patient Interview, Assessment, Treatment. Re-Assessment and Post Treatment Interview. The Online Course end with a Conclusion Section were I discuss some Do’s and Don’ts, Common Mistakes and a Review of Principles of LAST and General Principles of Treatment.
Robert Libbey
6170 Kingsway
Burnaby,, BC,
V5J 1H5
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