Introduction to Holographic Touch

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  • Seminar/Workshop
  • Time:
  • 9 hours
Introduction to Holographic Touch The Art of Holographic Touch is "hands on" method where you will learn to perceive the body in a unique way. The goal of Holistic Touch training is to increase and refine the range of your palpation and treatment skills. It has been demonstrated that under certain conditions the brain can overlap sensory information from one sensory area to another. This phenomena is known as "Synesthesia". Holographic Touch is geared to developing your visualization abilities, melding the subtleties of touch sensation with the visual processing areas of the brain. In effect creating the sensation that you are seeing through your fingers. Holographic Touch training involves working with Alpha/Theta brain wave states, guided visualization and focused intention/attention methods. The key elements revolve around being able to "listen" to the client's body and its story, expressed in the language of it's structure and and bio energetic patterns. Massage Therapists, Osteopaths and Cranial Sacral Therapists for example will find that Holographic Touch skills will greatly enhance their other therapeutic skills. Times: Saturday: 9:30 till 4 PM Sunday 10 AM till 2:30 PM Date: TBA Cost: $ 225 HST included. Registration limited to 9 students Presenter: Janos Neder RMT. DOMTP, MHt. Registered Massage Therapist, Diploma of Osteopathy, Certified Consulting Hypnotist Author of: Wake Up! A practical guide to awakening your Hidden Powers Location: Natural Path Wellness Centre 250 Baker Drive, Suite 232 Dartmouth NS Website: To Register: Email:
Janos Neder
250 Baker Drive Suite 232
Dartmouth, NS
B2W 6L4
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  • Practicing Health Provider
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