Indian Head Massage

  • Type:
  • Seminar/Workshop
  • Time:
  • 7 Hours hours
Indian Head Massage (Ayurveda Champissage) Type: Seminar/Hands On Time: 8 hours (One day workshop) Dates: Sunday April 22, 2018 Sunday May 20, 2018 Location: TBD Cost: $175 Prerequisites: Working knowledge of anatomy and massage techniques. Massage therapists and second year massage therapy students Indian Head Massage is a wonderful modality for you to add to your toolbox of massage techniques. It can be used as an add-on to your treatment or as a treatment on its own. It can be done in 15-60 minutes and is typically done supine or semi-supine but can also be done seated. It is a deeply relaxing treatment with the main focal points being the neck and head; face, extra-oral tempo mandibular joint, ears, and scalp. The top of the arms and upper back can also be included In this course will include theoretical and practical instruction based on the teachings of Narendra Mehta. You will learn the history, benefits and contraindications, subtle energies of the first three chakras/marma points, as well as have a review of anatomy, list of common oils used and specialized massage techniques. Plus hands-on learning where each student will give and receive a 45 minute Indian Head Massage. A certificate of attendance will be awarded at the end of the course
Krista Wright
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  • 3.5
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  • NS
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  • None
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  • Primary
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  • All Audiences
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