Hydrotherapy Applications for in Clinic and Home Therapy

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  • Class/Lecture
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  • 8 hours
Revisit the therapeutic value of incorporating simple and effective Hydrotherapy modalities to your treatment. Hydrotherapy – Cause and effect – General and specific uses for the many conditions we treat. Advantages of Hydrotherapy Disadvantages of Hydrotherpy Contraindications to Hydrotherapy Temperature chart Heat Regulation of the Body Effects of Hydrotherapy Reflex Chart Rules of Hydrotherapy Learn of tools and equipment we can find in our own back yard. Provide applications in clinic and train our patients to safely apply hydrotherapy at home. Applications covered and practiced during class Gel packs & ice bags in class Popsicle stick and ice cube in class Hot Stone therapy in class Ice stone therapy in class Contrast “Alternating” towels in class Alternating Hot towel rolls scanned in class Fomentations theory Hydroculator in class Facial steam Epsom Salt bath theory Cold mitten friction in class Salt glows theory Abdominal wash in class Mustard raps theory Dry brushing in class Parrafin Wax bath in class Castor oil pack theory Steams theory Heating compress/cold compress in class Cold foot bath in class Contrast foot bath in class Hot foot bath in class Mustard foot bath theory Contrast Sitz bath theory Warm Sitz bath theory Cold Sitz bath theory
The Right Touch Massage & Acupuncture Therapy
Douglas Benson
405 Larry Uteck Blvd. Suite 507.
Halifax, , NS
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  • RMT
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