Grounding Techniques for Therapists

  • Type:
  • Seminar/Workshop
  • Time:
  • 4 hours
We've all had those days, the ones where we feel out of sorts, spacey, unfocused. Particularly, in our working environment of either energy or hands-on treatments and healing, we sometimes feel "“pulled in" to a client's complaint or emotional "turmoil".However, there are ways and techniques you, as a therapist, can utilize to both prepare and help you balance and rebalance - grounding.This four hour presentation will explore the reasons for Grounding and Protection techniques, something that most therapists/body workers are conscious of, but fail to arm themselves with the tools necessary to aid them. Practical demonstrations will be conducted in how to feel another person's energy with suggested options in how to block/deflect it. Also provided will be a handy manual, outlining a number of techniques and methods which will be explored during this brief, but focused, course.
Dragonfly Release
Jeff Phillipos
5809 St Margaret's Bay Road
Head of St Margaret's Bay, NS
B3Z 2E3
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  • 1.5
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  • Primary
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  • secondary
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