Educating People in Pain: Knowledge, Stories and Kinesthetic Experience

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  • 2 hours
Neil Pearson presents the latest research findings on how to educate clients in chronic pain, or preferrably before they are in chronic pain to improve the likelihood of full recovery. Recent evidence supports changing the paradigm through which we educate our patients with persistent pain. Yet providing this new information to our patients usually means that we are challenging their beliefs. Unhelpful pain beliefs are powerful, resistant to change, often supported by one's community and reinforced by other health professionals. If we are to change beliefs, we must provide our patients with experiences - whether intellectual, entertaining or physical - that create cognitive dissonance, and motivate the individual to consider an alternate view of pain and recovery.
Doug Alexander
136 - 2446 Bank Street, Suite 611
Ottawa, ON
K1V 1A8
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  • All other BC pain conference courses.
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