DAT (Posture) – Dynamic Assessment & Treatment of Posture

  • Type:
  • primary
  • Time:
  • 10 hours
This course explores the stages of development of postural control. We will identify the key developmental milestones as we progress towards walking, and explore safe ways to correct postural and bio-mechanical dysfunctions. We will explore ways to identify postural deviations and use exercises (PODs - posture oriented drills) that mimic developmental stages so as to correct dysfunctions safely and effectively. Topics covered include musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology, fundamental kinesiology concepts related to movement, how humans develop postural control in the trunk and extremities, breathing and core control and how eyes guide movement. Practical activities may including palpation, muscle testing, experimentation with corrective exercise and group work to increase comprehension of these concepts. This course is very active. You will be guiding movement and doing corrective exercise drills throughout the course. You will leave the course with tools that you can apply immediately to your practice as a personal trainer, massage therapist, physiotherapist, yoga instructor etc. This course will involve a lecture/discussion portion as well as practical group exercises. Participants should wear comfortable, workout-type clothing. Questions? Want to sign up? Contact Laurie: digiuliormt@gmail.com
Balance Fitness Dartmouth
Laurie Di Giulio
100 Main St, Unit 2025,
Dartmouth, NS
416 727-9156
  • Units:
  • 5
  • Approved by:
  • NS, NB and NL
  • Prerequisites:
  • none
  • Category:
  • Primary
  • Course Target:
  • all
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