Blissful Hot Stone Temple Style Lomi Lomi Massage

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  • Seminar/Workshop
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  • 16 hours
Blissful Hot Stone Temple Style Lomi Lomi Massage This class builds on the Blissful Temple Style Lomi Lomi Level I class to include Hot Stones. Hawaiian Temple Style Lomi Lomi also known as Kahuna Massage was traditionally reserved for royalty, Huna or spiritual leaders. It is the perfect massage for rites of passage.Lomi Lomi practitioners guide the client to align their mind, body and spirit and empower them to harmonize relationships with others using the tradition of Hooponopono. Clients are guided to verbally share or think about aspects of their lives that no longer serve that they wish to let go of and envision changes they aspire to so this ceremonial massage helps them embody their intentions. Lomi Lomi provides flowing continuous touch over the body using hands and forearms, which covers a greater surface area, therefore increasing relaxation for the client. The massage is enhanced with traditional Hawaiian music, hula and chanting. Long fluid strokes encompass the body from head to toe and vary in depth and pace. You will also learn how to massage a client on the oiled massage table (withonly a top drape) so strokes can be done under and over the body simultaneously. The client is gently stretched and joints are moved through their full range of motion. Lomi Lomi with Hot Stones will literally melt away tension, leaving muscles feeling pliable and free of pain. The therapist will learn to use alternating strokes with the smooth river stones and their hands. They are also placed on tight muscles where their heat energy is transferred. Muscles cannot resist the powerful combination of firm massage and penetrating deep heat. The therapists hands will also benefit as their exposure to the heat keeps them supple and relaxed as well. You will feel like you are ironing the kinks out of your clients birthday suit! During a Lomi Lomi massage muscles surrender even more deeply with the enhancement of heat from the stones. Coupled with the mesmerizing ebb and flow of the therapist's nurturing fluid integrative strokes and the client's intentions for manifesting change we can guide them to have profound transformative experiences, deep relaxation and inner peace. Materials Provided A Blissful Hot Stone Temple Style Lomi Lomi Massage Instruction Handbook including diagrams. Please Bring :Necessary A holster and pump bottle with oil. 2 flat sheets, face cradle cover, and blanket. One large towel and 5 small towels. A massage table warmer or large electric heating pad Optional A massage table . We need 1 table for every pair of students, check with me to see how many we will need. I have 3. Hot stone roaster and set of stones, small metal bowl, slotted spoon. I have 3 roasters and sets of stones and if anyone else has a roaster and or stones please check in with me to see if they will be needed. I plan to go beach combing for more stones before the class so if anyone wants to join me in Wreck Cove let me know and you can find your own set of stones either on Thursday October 15th or Sunday 18th. Roasters ovens can be purchased at Walmart for about $40. Check with Amazon if you want to order on line. Ideally buy one with a light indicator such as Proctor Gamble or General Electric model) Prerequisites : Open to all levels of body workers who have learned to perform a basic relaxation massage. Preferable to have taken Lomi Lomi Level 1 but not mandatory. CEUs: 8 primary for 2 days. Investment : 16 hours $325.00 Early bird payment by October 14th save $25. ($300) Payment methods: Preregistration is essential so we can maximize our class time.Credit Card: All credit cards via Paypal addressed to or Square ( give me your Credit Card info by phone ) E-transfer: Sent to Check: Pam ODea RMT 446 Alexandra St. #7 Sydney, NS B1S 2G6 Cash: At the first day of class or by prior arrangement.When: 9am to 6 pm, November 21st-22nd, 2015Where: Grand Lake Road Fire Hall , Main room, ground floor. Entry at the Glace Bay side of the building at rear. Glace Bay Highway Contact:Call or e-mail to register. 902-371-5101, Website
Pam ODea
Pam ODea
446 Alexandra St. #7
Sydney, NS
B1S 2G6
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  • 8.0
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  • Nova Scotia and Cali
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  • Prerequisites : Open to all levels of body workers who have learned to perform a basic relaxation massage. Preferable to have taken Lomi Lomi Level 1 and have some experience with hot stone massage but not mandatory.Each case will be evaluated individually.
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  • Primary
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  • experienced
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  • primary
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