Advanced Fascial Approaches: Head, Neck & Jaw

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  • Seminar/Workshop
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  • 9am-5pm hours
This is a continuation of the Fascial Approaches: Head, Neck & Jaw course. We will be using the fascial skills previously learned to do more techniques with the TM Joint, neck, and associated muscles. We will also be using subtle energy techniques for the cranial bones, the ear and the anterior neck, which will include more intra-oral techniques and a gentle way to assess and re-align vertebral rotations. This course will also feature neck and hyoid bone unwinding as well as cervical compressions and lateral releases. The course investment includes all course materials: binder of lecture notes with clear colour photographs, step-by-step instruction, and Gua’sha tool. Organic coffee, tea and snacks are provided each day. Please inform us of any food allergies. All participants of any Advanced Fascial Approaches course must have successfully completed the more basic Fascial Approaches course for that region with Stuart Therapies & Seminars. Peter Stuart has been a massage therapist and educator since 1993, specializing in myofascial release within patient-centred therapy, treatment of chronic pain conditions, and transformation from the negative effects of trauma. He is the founder and lead instructor for Stuart Therapies & Seminars Inc 7 Primary CEU's
Stuart Seminars and Therapies
Peter Stuart
CCMH 6960 Mumford Rd.
Halifax, NS
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