Acupressure for Pain Conditions

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Understanding Acupressure therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine foundation of theory and diagnosis (tongue and ear diagnosis) To learn point locations and protocols for pain conditions. Common pain conditions from head to toe /broken down according to their location and common points to enhance effectiveness and learning. To differentiate between types of pain, excess hot conditions vs deficient cold conditions and learn to treat accordingly with choice of point location, hydrotherapy, oils and topical solutions. To identify contraindicated points for health conditions such as, pregnancy, edema, hypertension. To teach and incorporate the basic theory of cupping and how it works with acupressure to enhance your treatment with less strain on the practitioner. 48 hours of Classroom instruction spaced over 3 weekends (Saturday and Sunday). 60 hours of case study and practise for a total of 108 hours A great prelude to individuals planning to continue to study acupuncture or credits towards the Acupuncture for Massage Therapists (pending available insurance to RMT`s in the Maritimes
Doug Benson
405 Larry Uteck Blvd. Apt. 507, B3M 0G8
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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  • 24 for classroom 30 for case study
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  • Massage Therapist, Physiotherapist
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  • Primary
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  • All
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