Active Isolated Stretching Foundations 1

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There are many stretching techniques out there and they all have merit. As trainers and therapists we know there’s a value in stretching our clients, yet for the more conscientious among us it often brings up concerns and questions such as: • Is it always safe to stretch a tight muscle? • What is the safest and most effective method of stretching? • Should I stretch or strengthen my client? • Is it possible to improve mobility, strength and performance from stretching? • How can I empower my clients to improve their own pain and physical restrictions? Stretching Canada’s Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Foundations 2-day seminars tackles these questions along with many other concepts surrounding performance enhancing, pain reducing stretching techniques. The AIS Foundations seminar will teach all of the stretching protocols from head to foot explaining the role fascia and how we can work with the central nervous system to improve range of motion and build joint stamina without triggering the body's myotatic reflex. AIS offers all professionals (and their clients!) the tools to achieve maximum results with minimum effort. This allows greater access to the deeper myofascial tissues without applying greater pressure. Equally, it offers trainers and other movement specialists greater strength and flexibility for their clients. The superior joint stamina creates better balance and confidence. These seminars are comprised of 80% hands-on and 20% lecture and will cover both Self and Assisted stretching.
Stretching Canada
Paul John Elliott Instructor Email: Instructor Phone: 514-792-5595
1980 Sherbrooke Ouest #425,
Montreal, Quebec
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