A Manual Approach to Common Shoulder Conditions

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This course will address common shoulder injuries such as bursitis, Impingement and tendonitis. We will review these conditions along with the role of body mechanics and applied anatomy. Having done that we shall implement a combination of proven manual techniques to treat these conditions successfully. This course will broaden the therapist’s knowledge of shoulder anatomy, injury and rehabilitation by expanding on components often overlooked in Massage Therapy Education such as applied anatomy, biomechanics and the real world implementation of manual techniques. These techniques include mobilizations, stretching, fascial work, strength work and PNF patterns. Too many workshops emphasis the physical implementation of techniques rather than the rationale behind their usage. In this instance, understanding the conditions/injuries will be covered comprehensively, and the magic of manual work explored in detail in making the quantum difference to the athlete. A primary objective of this presentation is to reinforce these skills, especially their clinical significance, and introduce new ones while applying them in real clinical and athletic situations. Attendees will come away with a deep understanding of shoulder conditions and a profound boost to their treatment skills. The workshop will be structured as +\- 45 min of academic review. This is a prerequisite for conceptual understanding. Participants will require vests/singlets/sports bras for the synopsis of applied anatomy, mechanics and assessment. The balance of the workshop will be the physical execution of and specific order of modalities. Treatment/Massage tables and 1 pillow, 1 towel will be necessary. This unique full day workshop has been presented on many occasions with extremely positive feedback. Elements of it was presented with equally positive response at the recent CATA conference in Niagara Falls
Coastal Sport and Wellness
Jonathan Maister
CCMH 6960 Mumford Road Suite 180 Mumford Professional Centre PO Box 0180
Halifax, , NS
B3L 4P1
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